Services - Automotive - Sirius


We offer today’s latest technology in satellite radio whether it is Xm or Sirius we have it all. We have portable solutions so the unit can be removed easily and transferred to another vehicle or home dock with ease. We also offer fixed solutions for permanent installation in the vehicle that you have it installed in, often being able to integrate song and channel readout right over your factory stereo. Our units are all professionally installed by trained installers.




Here are a few of the things our installation includes:

  • Clean and professional looking install
  • Hard wired power source ( so no more unplugging the sat radio from the cigarette plug to charge your cell phone)
  • Custom bracket to mount the sat radio tuner on (eliminates the annoying suction cup mount on your windshield)
  • Clean Sat Radio antenna install, routed correctly throughout the vehicle for the best reliability and signal
  • Great integration into your existing stereo or one of our head unit’s  whether  it’s  a direct connection straight to our aftermarket head unit or your factory stereo, or just a fm direct adapter for a good audio connection to your stereo


We encourage you to stop by our store and checkout all that we have to offer in satellite radio solutions for your vehicle