Ergo Audio - Outdoor Living - Outdoor video screens - outdoor TV - Erie, PA; Edinboro, PA; McKean, PA

Outdoor living is a treasured way of life. Ergo brings your favorite music, TV, and movies outdoors and makes it all easy to access and use. Outdoor audio video options include basic stereo systems to full outdoor theater systems.

Weather-resistant outdoor speakers have been available for years; however, newer loudspeaker technology gives you much more consistent sound coverage. DSI often buries specially-made outdoor subwoofers into your landscaping; and multiple camouflaged speakers are hidden throughout the outdoor space providing very even sound coverage. This allows a lower overall volume level while filling your yard with sound over a much wider area than was previously possible. Your music system will easily be heard, but will be hard to find.

If you would like to enjoy your favorite TV programs and movies outdoors, special weatherized flat screen TV’s may be exposed to the weather elements and feature special screen coatings to minimize the glare of bright outdoor environments. For the ultimate in backyard entertaining, let the pros at DSI Entertainment Systems design and install an outdoor theater system, complete with large screen projection. 

Ergo Audio has years of experience remotely locating most of the audio/video components indoors, yet offering seamless control of them from roaming handheld remote controls, or even home automation touchscreens cleverly concealed to protect them from the elements.


We also offer Landscape Audio options. Great for your pool, garden, backyard, or any outdoor area!