Ergo Audio - Residential Media Room Installation, Erie, Edinboro

A family that plays together stays together! At Ergo Audio we believe that having a media room is one of the best ways to ensure more quality time with your family. Turn your house into the home of a family that truly wants to be together, with a media room designed by Ergo Audio! We won’t try to force a pre-packaged, generic design on you either; Ergo Audio believes that every family is unique and that their media room needs should suit that. Maybe your family is large and plays a ton of video games, we will design and fit storage for all the consoles and remotes you could possibly own, meaning there will finally be space on the coffee table for things like coffee. Maybe your family is full of movie buffs. You’ll need storage for all of your platinum editions and director’s cuts.

We can set up a big screen, smart, high definition television with surround sound speakers and cushy seating for all of your movie marathons. With everything controlled by any smart phone or tablet, you never have to get up for anything- except maybe to answer the door for the pizza guy!

We have been in the business of fitting families with the media rooms of their dreams for more than 20 years, so we really understand the need for having a highly functional, beautifully designed family media room. This is why we employ a highly trained team of experts to design and install all the elements that will make your family room perfect!

Call Ergo Audio today to get started on your new media room design and installation!