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Open your home up to a new realm of possibilities with home automation systems from Ergo Audio! Home automation is a system in which you are able to control many- if not most- of the systems in your home from a single, portable device such as a smart phone or tablet. The increase in convenience is astounding, as you can adjust settings and monitor your home from anywhere. Never fret and panic about whether you have left the sprinkler going, or left the front door unlocked, with a simple touch of a button your mind will be at ease. But sprinklers and front doors are just the start of it!

Set up high quality and easy to use audio video systems in your home so that having a home theatre or media room is an achievable reality! Control blinds and shading motorisation with timers and keep your home looking beautiful. Control and manage your energy usage so that you can save your hard earned money. And keep an eye on your home from your smart phone or tablet by monitoring your CCTV footage which you can watch at any time!

At Ergo Audio, we will suggest to you a variety of home automation options so that you can end up with system that suits your specific needs and budget. We will design and install systems that are easy to use- seamlessly into your home so that it is out of the way while remaining convenient. The possibilities are endless with home automation and Ergo Audio.

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