Flat Panel Displays

If you are short on floor space, or are simply looking for the best screens possible, Ergo Audio has many solutions that will guarantee you find a screen large enough to fit your needs! Flat panel televisions, like plasma and LCD, are a popular and excellent choice to save a ton of space and add a sleek, sexy and sophisticated look to any room. More and more these screens are being added to kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and just about anywhere with enough wall space.

Not only are these flat panels thin enough to hang on the wall but they also can be flushed in the wall or disguised as a piece of artwork. Flat panel displays not only have thin cabinets, they also have high quality graphics and resolution meaning that you get crystal clear images every time you turn it on. These displays also have a wide viewing angle so you can sit off to the side and see with no problem. Whether you’re looking for a great picture or to save some floor space, LEDs and LCDs will help you accomplish both.

Projectors & Screens

If you are looking for more of an authentic movie feel, Ergo Audio carries a full line of Sony projectors as well as state of the art projector screens from Screen Innovations. Our team of experienced technicians will design and install systems seamlessly into your home that will make your home theatre dreams become a reality. It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the show with Ergo Audio!