Ergo Audio - Whole House Audio, Eerie, Edinboro

Having a good quality whole house audio video system is the best way to ensure a life worth living for you, your family and your budget! When you invest in an audio video system from Ergo Audio, you are making an investment in your relaxation, entertainment and family time!

At Ergo Audio, we believe that spending quality family time together is the best way of living a happy and fulfilled life, which is why we spend a great deal of time and effort finding the best audio video solution for you that suits the needs of your home. We promise that investing in our systems will improve your quality of life! These are just some of the ways an audio video system from Ergo Audio will improve the lifestyle of you and your family: Stream different television channels or radio stations to different devices so that everyone in your home can relax at their own pace.

Each room (referred to as zone) can be completely independent both by volume and by what you want to hear (referred to as source). Or gather everyone around on one couch for a night of fun video games. Create a different atmosphere every time with our wireless and Bluetooth speakers so that you are always sitting in the acoustic sweet spot! You can even take the theatre outside on those hot summer nights with our digital projectors!

At Ergo Audio, we are dedicated to giving you the perfect day every day!