Hi there! This is our New Products Page where we at Ergo Audio get to showcase new innovation and technology that will integrate more easily and productively for consumers AND installers!



First on our list is the Origin Acoustics ZipClip Mounting System for their Director Series speakers.

The revolutionary Zip-Clip* (patent pending) system spreads the weight of the speaker over a larger area than typical mounting systems accomplishing this result with minimal effort. Spring-loaded clips also create more uniform pressure against the drywall eliminating any warping or distortion of the speaker baffle as well as eliminating any stress or cracking of the drywall.
The process requires no tools. A revolutionary design that incorporates a mounting ring that fits into the hole in the drywall and is then secured by four clips that are hand squeezed into place creating the optimum amount of torque to secure the speaker. The speaker assembly is then inserted into the mounting ring and twisted clockwise to lock it in place.

Check out the Video Here!



Next up from Origin Acoustics we have their new Acoustascape Outdoor Kit.

Acoustascape AS41 Hi-Fi Landscape Audio System featuring four 4” satellite speakers, four 7” mounting spikes, & one 8” dual voice coil in ground subwoofer.

Oasis of Sound

Unlike traditional outdoor cabinet and rock speakers, the AcoustaScape AS41 directs sound inwards towards the listening area, creating a paradise of sound that goes unnoticed by neighbors. The camouflage weatherproof coating preserves the aesthetic of surrounding landscape foliage and keeps the system performing without flaw in extreme weather conditions.

Underground Bass

The 8" dual voice-coil A8SUB subwoofer provides a rich pulse of full bass across the yard through a camouflage tuned port. Embedded directly into gravel and soil, the sub delivers incredible bass while going unnoticed to the eye.

High Fidelity Sound Outdoors

Designed with full 4" polypropylene woofers and separate PEI tweeters, the plantable speakers deliver audio with incredible clarity and musical detail.

Simple Installation with Seamless Integration

The AcoustaScape system can be setup and running in a matter of minutes with just a standard receiver or amplifier with two available channels and some four conductor wire. Once installed, it preserves the natural beauty of it's surroundings while delivering a rich and even sonic performance.